Virgo Investment Group is an opportunistic, value investor with a unique investment strategy.

We are innovators at Virgo. We are fixated with understanding and capitalizing on change. We are incredibly curious, but we are also intensely focused on the process of executing our ideas.

Aviation &
Niche Industrials

Find & Capitalize on “Market Seams”

Virgo has a demonstrated ability to identify less efficient market segments and areas of corporate change (or “market seams”) across market and business cycles. Virgo leverages macro-economic and industry viewpoints to identify these seams.

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Contrarian Disposition and A Focus on Innovation

Virgo approaches investment opportunities with a contrarian disposition and a focus on innovation. Virgo has built an organization with an ability to understand complex situations, storied industries or companies, and corporate events that create an inflection point in asset value.

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Creative Investment Structuring

A flexible mandate and creative transaction structuring skills allow Virgo to create unique opportunities out of identified market seams. Virgo seeks to enhance principle protection and drive more consistent return outcomes through investment structuring and portfolio construction.

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media &

Ideas + Human Capital

Virgo is looking for situations where there is an identified inflection point in value. Virgo seeks to build value beyond the purchase price of acquired investments in partnership with founder entrepreneurs and/or family and corporate owners.

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Health Care

Re-Invent Businesses in Partnership with Great Operators

Virgo works side-by-side with its management team partners to re-invent the companies in which it invests. Relationships are the foundation of our business.

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Shared Control Focus / Partnership Mentality

We seek to partner with founders, family shareholders and corporate owners to build value beyond the purchase price of acquired assets or companies

Differentiated Ideas

People ask us how we are different. We are different because we have different ideas. We are focused on innovation, reinvention and transforming the value parameters of the businesses that we own or lend to

Human Capital

Understanding people and supporting our management team partners is the core of our strategy and firm skill set

Creative Structuring

A flexible mandate to invest in both credit and equity securities allows us to create differentiated financing solutions for companies and asset owners


Middle-Market, Specialty Finance

Opportunistic credit investments with equity-like target returns

  • Complex financings for companies undergoing change or restructuring
  • ‘Storied’ industries or companies
  • Hybrid investments and highly-structured financings

Niche, Asset-Based Finance

Credit and structured equity transactions that are backed by asset collateral that generates current cash flow

Technical, niche markets with relationship-driven sourcing & analysis

Current cash return, plus capital appreciation potential based on the transformation of value parameters

Structured Equity

Non-control and shared-control equity transactions, typically in partnership with family-owned companies or founder entrepreneurs

Current cash return, plus capital appreciation potential as identified event(s) materialize

our team

Virgo has an experienced leadership team with a long and successful history of working together.

Virgo team members have demonstrated the ability to identify and capitalize on dislocations and inefficient market segments across multiple business and market investment cycles.

The key components of the Virgo approach include: (i) idea generation that emerges from a multi-disciplinary understanding of business unit economics, human nature and market behavior; (ii) long standing sourcing relationships; (iii) a process-driven analytical method, and; (iv) an in-house human capital function to enhance value post investment, where possible.

Virgo’s partners believe that the Firm’s culture represents Virgo’s greatest asset and is the most sustainable component of the Firm’s competitive advantage. The Virgo culture is grounded in the combination of individual talent and a dedication to team collaboration. Virgo believes that innovation emerges from an open environment founded on mutual respect and active debate. Virgo operates under a team-based approach that combines varied skill sets and experience bases with collaboration on investment judgments under an ‘advocate-skeptic’ model.