Founded in 2009, Virgo is a thematic investor focused on building meaningful businesses. Virgo creates or builds asset-based platforms and executes corporate, structured equity partnerships. Including co-investment, Virgo has raised over $1.7 billion, completing 58 investments to date.

We find our meaning at Virgo in creating and in reviving the soul of companies. It always starts with and ends with the soul.

Our Story

We target middle-market companies undergoing industry or company-specific change. We are focused on both growth and re-invention transactions within our Core Industries where success results from scaling or repositioning an enterprise.

We partner with Founder-led or Family-owned businesses where both existing owners and management have a material equity stake in the business. Virgo is typically the first institutional investor. We develop our ideas via a proprietary Operating Partner network of prominent industry executives who assist us in the search for business patterns and in the journey to develop company relationships. We have flexible capital which allows us to provide differentiated solutions to current asset owners and existing shareholders.

We seek to catalyze an identified inflection point in earnings growth. We don’t just “buy” value; we work to “create” value. The Firm’s Spica Alpha Unit drives value-add initiatives post-investment via a focus on human capital transformation, business process enhancement and technology implementation.