Our Team

Virgo team members have demonstrated the ability to identify and capitalize on Market Seams across multiple economic and market cycles. 

We are focused solely within our Core Industries where we have strong domain expertise, established executive networks and a track record of successful, value-add initiatives.

The Virgo culture is grounded in both a respect of individual talent or ingenuity and a dedication to team collaboration.  Virgo believes that innovation emerges from an open environment founded on mutual respect and active debate (including constructive disagreement).

Virgo Employees

Jesse Watson
Founder & CIO
Mark Perez
Eli Aheto
Gary Krauthamer
Todd Dorfman
Bob Racusin
Partner, Chief Operating and Compliance Officer
Pooja Goel
Managing Director
Scott Guthrie
Managing Director
Brian Wade
Vice President
Chris Mezzavilla
Chief Brand Officer
Yibai Haney
Senior Investment Associate
Kyle Limberg
Operations Analyst
Bill Kearney
Operations Analyst
Lorie Urbanowicz
Compliance Officer and Legal Analyst
Abdul Bellal
Staff Accountant
Ali El-Awady
Asset Management
Anthony Kameno
Operations Analyst
Jeevan Mahal
Marketing Analyst

Kavanah and HPF Service Company Employees

Scott Johnson
Managing Director

Zephyrus Aviation Capital Employees

Tony Diaz
Damon D’Agostino
President & CEO
Robert Meade
Chief Commercial Officer
Richard Genge
Vice President