Volta Redefines the Electric Vehicle Charging Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (May 14, 2019) – Volta, the industry leader in developing innovative and highly-used electric vehicle charging networks, today revealed a dramatic new visual direction with the debut of a completely reimagined charging station to go with its revolutionary business model. The design embodies a decade of experience in building charging infrastructure that is economically viable, free to drivers and optimized for the rapidly growing electric vehicle community.

The station cuts a slim airfoil-like silhouette with design focused on both the experience of the user and the impact to the community. Throughout the charging process, the station communicates real-time status using emotive and intuitive external lighting. A Volta signature, the station incorporates high-resolution 55-inch displays to showcase content from sponsoring partners as well as community-oriented messages.

Volta is upending the business models underlying one of the largest shifts in personal transportation since the invention of the automobile. Using a combination of data-driven forecasting and strategic partnerships, Volta secures premier charging locations while offering seamless, simple and free charging to drivers. At its core, Volta has optimized the convergence of electric vehicles, real estate owners and brands. Brick-and-mortar locations want amenities to attract upscale customers. Brands seek opportunities for meaningful lift in an ever-challenging advertising market. Drivers want convenient and inexpensive fuel. By weaving an intelligently- built charging network into the paths of customers’ lives, Volta satisfies each stakeholder.

“We are playing a central role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles,” said Scott Mercer, Founder and CEO, Volta. “For adoption to grow, the available infrastructure must intelligently evolve to meet increased demand. Our chargers experience three times more usage compared to other charging networks, and the economics of our network are by far the best. This new station is a powerful tool in our mission to vanquish the fossil fuel industry.”

Volta selects where to install charging stations using data modeling to map current demand and predict future growth. With stations in nine of the nation’s top twenty electric vehicle markets, regional networks are thoughtfully expanded to lead local electric vehicle market penetration.

Similarly, Volta matches stations’ charging speeds to the anticipated onsite customer experience.

Volta believes that iconic design can inspire individuals and the community at large towards an electric future. As demand soars for Volta’s charging services, and new installations continue to accelerate, the company’s media network becomes an increasingly valuable platform for brands looking to reach an increasingly elusive high-value audience and generate measurable brand affinity.

The eye-catching new model was designed in partnership with KISKA, a world-class European design studio. Volta’s new station is designed to work with all electric vehicles. Installations are expected to begin at the end of the year.

About Volta

Founded in 2010 out of a passion for advancing electric transportation, Volta has mastered the art and science of developing cutting-edge electric vehicle charging networks. Volta is accelerating the electric vehicle movement by providing seamless, simple and free charging experiences. Thoughtfully located along the paths of daily life, Volta chargers are the most heavily used in the industry. With the support of forward-thinking brand partners, Volta delivers free charging solutions to real estate owners, power to the electric vehicle community and impactful brand stories to everyone.